Thanks to its Design Office and its Samples Workshop, The CVC ensures the internal development of the models, materials and components of its customers.

Design Office With a development capacity of more than 20,000 hours/year.

Production Five identical and autonomous production islands, on 3800m2 of Workshop. Representing a capacity total 136,000 hours/year.


> 100% CAD Design Office / Methods

> With its sample workshop, a capacity of development of more than 20,000 hours/year.

> identical and autonomous production islands, on 3800m2 of Workshop.

> Representing a total capacity of 136,000 hours/year.

> The possibility of subcontracting the stems (Cutting / Preparation / Pitting) in Morocco, Tunisia and in Slovakia under 100% CVC control.


Our Stylists create products and their shapes inspired by customer brands and trends of trade and fashion. Inspiration is also provided through participation in our industry's trade shows.

Patterns: From the designers' drawings, establish the patterns on computer and the cut out of thick cardboard.

Sample Cutters/Stitchers: They cut the leather from the prototypes following the pattern and sew the parts between them to create the "upper", the upper part of the shoe that is attached to the sole.


The Developer : According to its speciality, elaborates in all its details the sole or the upper.


The Editor : Today, with the help of extremely advanced machines, the shoe is shaped and the various parts are assembled in successive gluing operations.


The pampering Agent : Glue to remove, a thread to cut, a trace on the leather to make disappear... He waxes, he polishes, he fixes the last details so that the finished shoe is perfect.


The Quality Controller : A forgotten reinforcement, a badly glued sole, a badly positioned heel, ... nothing escapes him. It identifies and discards defective models, ensuring the quality and reputation of the HVAC.